Novi Sad is a city in the northern part of Serbia and is the administrative center of the autonomous province of Vojvodina. Novi Sad is the second largest city of Serbia and the first one in Vojvodina, if we look at its population. It is popularly called „the Serbian Athens“ because it was the center of culture and political life of Serbia in the 19th century when it didn’t have its own country. Novi Sad was always known as a multicultural and student city, so no wonder it got the title „The European capital of youth“ for 2019 and „The European capital of culture“ for 2021.





Photo by: Aleksandar Milutinović – Turistička organizacija Grada Novog Sada


One of the most beautiful and most famous buildings in Novi Sad is the buliding called Banovina which gives home to the Provincial Government and Assembly of the AP Vojvodina. This magnificent construction was built in 1940 by DragišaBrašovan’s designs. The building was the focal point of the Danube Banovina in the 20th century.

It can be found in the city center on the Mihajlo Pupin Bulevard, and being 185 m wide,horseshoe shaped, having a tower of 20 m height and a white fasade, it can’t be missed it if you are heading from the town square to Danube or Petrovaradin Fortress.



Famous streets in the city center of Novi Sad


Photo by: Aleksandar Milutinović – Turistička organizacija Grada Novog Sada


Novi Sad is widely known for its streets full of attractions and events which are very appealing to every guest who comes to visit the city.

ZmajJovina street is the main street in the pedestrian zone of Novi Sad. Having a lot of bookstores, clothing and shoe stores it is a perfect place to shop, and after being finished with shopping, you can relax and refresh in one of the many coffee shops or restaurants. The best season to visit this street is during spring and summer when the cafes open their outside seating and the whole street is packed with walking and coffee-drinking people.

If you keep walking you will get to the Dunavska street, one of the oldest streets on which you can also find many shops, restaurants and confectioneries. Across the Dunavska street you’ll find the Danube Park, full of benches and trees, and also a small pond with swans and turtles – a very unusual environment for such a close center of a big city.

Novi Sad is a student city, which makes it very famous for its vibrant nightlife. The best place to go out is the Laze Telečki street, where you can enjoy the sounds of Vojvodina’s traditional tamburica’s orchestras, live performances of various bands in the pubs, or you can dance all night to the electronic music played in some of the street’s clubs.



The Cathedral and The Freedom Square


Photo by: Aleksandar Milutinović – Turistička organizacija Grada Novog Sada


Even though its status doesn’t match its popular nickname given by the citizens of Novi Sad, the „Cathedral“ is the accepted name of  the Name of Mary Roman Catholic Church. It is located in the heart of the city on the Freedom Square. With its impressive size, beautiful facade from  yellow bricks and the colorful roof structure covered by Zsolnai ceramics, it will simply make you stop for a moment while on the square, in order to admire this monumental 19th-century religious structure. Behind the church is a churchyard where you can find cafes with open gardens and which is one of the bigger places for youth gathering.

The Freedom Square is also know by a different name among the citizens of Novi Sad – „Square of Miletić”. It got its name from SvetozarMiletić, a Serbian lawyer, politician and mayor of Novi Sad, whose statue can be found on the square. The best place to give this place a visit is during spring days, since then if you find a moment to take a rest on one of the benches,you can watch the passer-by while enjoying your ice-cream after a day spent on sightseeing and shopping. There are a lot of concerts, festivals and manifestations organized on the square out of which the most visited one, the New Year’s eve concert with its fantastic fireworks definitely stands out.



The “Štrand“ beach and The Quay


Photo by: Aleksandar Milutinović – Turistička organizacija Grada Novog Sada


„Štrand“, probably the favorite destination during summer among the choices in Novi Sad, is a well-equipped beach beside the Danube. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the Danube. If you want to refresh yourself and escape from the summer heat in the city, visit the „Štrand“ and enjoy sunbathing, swimming, play beach volleyball, or simply stretch out and drink a cold quenching drink in the endless shade of the tree trunks along the entire bathing place. Most visitors come during the Exit festival, when the “Exiters” rest and recharge the batteries between two festival evenings or just continue partying on the beach.

Novi Sad Quay is the longest promenade in Novi Sad right next to the Danube bank. Walking from the beginning to the end, you will pass alongside all the Novi Sad bridges connecting Bačka and Srem. You can stop to see the Monument to the Victims of Raids during the Second World War, which faces the Petrovaradin Fortress, so you can enjoy the beautiful view of the river and the fortress. Also, this is where the students gather during the night to take a break from studying after their examination periods, so don’t let the loud music and the big crowd of youths surprise you.