Vojvodina is famous for its beautiful, fairytale-like greenery and fields. Here, we can go and visit some of the most stunning ranches that showcase traditional values and way. In the following text, we have highlighted five the most breathtaking ones that anyone should visit.



Đorđević Farm


Photo by: Salaš Đorđević


As we go along the E-75 route, beside the eastern exit of Subotica, we come across the beautiful and serene Đorđević ranch. This place is suitable for both young and old, those who love sports, or maybe fancy a good cook-out. The ranch is 8 hectares large and it is especially stunning in the spring time, when the flowers that are planted all around flourish. The visitors who enjoy nature and ornamentals will definitely love to stay here. As we walk along the evergreen fields, we may get a glimpse of the scent that comes from all the blooming flowers. Besides being a beautiful place, the Đorđević ranch is actually very practical as well. It offers a wide variety of entertaining activities, like sport activities, which can be beneficial for the visitors health as well.  The ranch is perfect for those guests who are romantic by nature, since they can stay in small houses that offer intimacy and peace.



Rózsa Major Farm (Salaš Ruža Majur)


Photo by: Rózsa Major Tanya – Salaš Ruža Majur


On the edge of Bački Vinogradi, we can come across another ranch, the Rózsa Major Ranch, which is also notable for its calming atmosphere and fun activities. This ranch is very special, because it is quite clean and very well looked after. The handmade sandcastles and the sunset-drenched fields bring back childhood memories.   An important thing that is worth mentioning, and what makes this ranch different is the fact that the food comes from the villages nearby.This means that the guests will always be served the highest quality food made out of homegrown vegetables and nostalgic flavors. Whether the guests enjoy a taste of roasted lamb, traditional stuffed cabbage, or anything else, they will definitely be pleased. In addition, there is always fresh fruit available, which the visitors can pick from the branches of the trees themselves. The ranch is open all year around, and it is a very welcoming place. It is perfect for families, tourists, or even couples who want to get a taste of domestic flavors.



Jakšić Farm


Photo by: Salaš Jakšić


The Jakšić Farm is located not too far away from the Danube River, on the edge of the Sonta village, next to a forest. This ranch is unique not only because it is great for an escape in nature, but its atmosphere reminds the visitors of the old, nostalgic days. The guests who decide to visit can make their own meals by choosing what is available from the pantry. Nevertheless, electricity is not included, but it can be arranged if needed with the help of the solar panels. The place is perfectly suitable for hunters, because the forest is greatly populated with wild animals and the owner of the ranch makes its own paprikash made of wild animals. Whoever decides to stay on the Jakšić Ranch will never be bored. They will have the opportunity to enjoy various activities, such as barbeques, brandy (rakija) making, or maybe even making different sour foods, such as turšija. Hence, if someone wants to get far away from modern life and travel back to the 19th century, the Jakšić Ranch is a perfect option.



Róka Farm (Rokin Salaš)


Photo by: Tájházszövetség


How is it possible to find inner peace? The answer is that we don’t need to travel far across the border to find it, because we just need to search for it within ourselves. This is the motto of the guests who visit the Róka Ranch. This ranch is located on the northern side of the Bačka region, close to the Ludaš Lake. There are rustic houses with white walls and concrete floors on the ranch that help us picture the daily lives of the villagers in the past. The houses not only appeal to our sight, but the clean exterior, the simple layout also gives us the feeling of tranquility. The primary goal of Róka Tanya is to provide maximum relaxation and full charge for the stressed guests arriving. In addition, it brings people back to an age where nature and man lived in complete harmony. The protected area of Ludaši Lake is intact and glamorous. We can see the country house on Róka Ranch, choose from a wide range of dishes and drinks, and enjoy various leisure activities. Visitors can also spend a night here, far away from the noise of the city.



Kátai Farm


Photo by: salasi.info


I have left Vojvodina’s most beautiful and best equipped farm the last, and it is the famous Kátai Farm. The ranch is open since 1995, and it welcomes everyone who wants to relax, regardless of their age. It is a complex resort that is 1.5 kilometres away from the centre of the village Mali Iđoš. The place offers accommodation for up to 80 people, and there is also a dining hall that can serve up to 180 people. There are various activities that the guest can take part that involve tradition, crafting and nature, whilst the braver guests can try out horse riding. In the winter period, beside these programs, there is a possibility of ice skating and tobogganing. The ranch is very attractive for the younger guests, because they have the option to choose between the Art Camp, the Green Camp, the Photographer Camp, the Sports Camp, the Horse Camp, the Traditional Hand-craft Camp and the Writing Camp. So, if the guests want to, they can stay here for more than a couple of days. Also, in addition to the scenery and the long list of interesting activities, the ranch is near the Bakery Museum that can be very fun for the guests as well. Here, they can taste and bake their own famous kürtöskalács (chimney cake), a traditional dessert that is a must try for new visitors. In addition, the guests can go take a trip to the Gallery of Old Crafts, where the tradition of the locals is very well kept and preserved. The Kátai Farm is a perfect place that remains special in our homeland.