The Beer Days (Dani Piva) is an amazing festival that is held in Zrenjanin. It has made its way into tradition, because this year it celebrated its 32nd year. It is an event that is held annually and that is loved by people young and old.  Visitors from all around the country come to this festival to unwind and enjoy themselves, meet up with old friends or make some new ones.


Photo by: Dani Piva


Everyone likes excellent tasting beer. Beer is not only a mainstream drink that is appreciated in countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany, or England, but it has become a beverage that is popular and loved all around the world. Nevertheless, even if they are not world famous, it is worth mentioning that the beers that are created in Serbia are not bad at all. Of course, there are better and worse tasting ones, but all in all, there is something for everyone’s taste buds. All sorts of beer are made, such as those that are lighter and infused with all kinds of aromas. So what we may deduct from this is that the world loves to drink a bit of beer (some maybe take it too far), and if it is such a beloved alcoholic beverage, then it needs an opportunity to be celebrated and cherished. Because of this people have organized different festivals, beer drinking competitions, and events where beer is put as the main focus. Here, the visitors may come across different varieties and types of beer, and they can have a taste if they please to do so. Nevertheless, in Zrenjanin, beer is not the only thing that is put in the spotlight. During the festival, we may say that the feeling of unity is made of great importance as well, in addition to having fun with friends and family. The celebration of the famous drink is only a great bonus.


Photo by: Zrenjanin Dani Piva


It all started in the year of 1769, when Petrovgrad (former name of Zrenjanin) got the permission to organize two large fairs (later on two more), so this way, every season started with a fair being organized. These fairs were of great importance to the locals, because this was the perfect opportunity to get together, meet new people and have fun. Throughout the years, the fairs gained a massive amount of visitors from all around the country. In the 30s, sadly, these fairs slowly dropped in popularity, because people did not seem to be that interested in them anymore. Nevertheless, because humans are social creatures who yearn for communication and being outside with others, there was a hint of nostalgia for the old fair days in the air. Because of this, in the year of 1986, the first Beer Days were held, to honour the 240 years of the creation of the drink in Zrenjanin.


Photo by: Dani Piva


The more than 30 year old event that is organized in Zrenjanin, and that attracts a great amount of visitors from all around the country is certainly not something that should be left out!

If someone wishes to read about the most recent beer festival (which starts every year in the end of August) more information can be found at:

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