The district of Northern Bačka is home to the vineyards of Subotica and Horgoš, as well as the wine cultivating zones of Telečka, which are infamous for their long tradition and history in viticulture. The BorBusz offers its full services for those visitors who are interested in taking a trip to see and taste some of the finest wine in Northern Vojvodina, in Subotica and Palič. The visitors can be certain that they will travel in comfort, and they will have everything they need provided for. (



Borkastély (Wine Castle) – Hajdukovo


Photo by: Park Palić


Ever since August of the year 2002, Huppert László and his missus, Fodor Erika are the ones who operate the impressing Borkastély, which is located near the highway, before entering Hajdukovo. The pair started something absolutely new, because this was the first instance of someone starting off the production of wine in our area. The Borkastély (Wine Castle) is a multifunctional establishment that works in viticulture, cellarage; it is also a restaurant and place where visitors may lodge. Among the rich sort of wines that are used in the viticulture, they use Chardonnay, Italian Risling, Burgundy, and Merlot. The owners have developed a unique, individual wine sort, which they named the Don Oliver (a type of white table wine). Their bottled alcoholic beverages can be found at a very reasonable price, going from 4 to 7 euros per bottle. Of course, the visitors have the opportunity to have a taste of the rich collection of wine that is available, in the rustic cellar under the light of candles. Here, the visitors will be advised by the professional thoughts of the Arena Zabiatkiensis Borlovagrend (Equestrian order) knight, whilst having a taste of 9 different sorts.



Zvonko Bogdan oenology– Palič


Photo by: Vinarija Zvonko Bogdan


The Zvonko Bogdan oenology centre has to be one of the most impressive, stunning, and well kept establishments of these sorts in the area. The establishment itself is located on the beautiful and artistic shores of the Lake of Palič. The outside part of the building reminds the visitor of the style of Art Nouveau, whilst the interior is decorated in a typical classicist manner. The elaborate vineyards can be found on the areas of the barren lands of Subotica and Horgoš. Various sorts of wines are present, such as Sauvignon, Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Griot, Chardonnay, Yellow Muskotály, Kékfrankos, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The cheapest wine costs 7 euros, whilst the pricier ones can cost up to 50 euros. If the visitor is in search of a gift to bring back to a special someone, it is possible to purchase various beautiful and luxurious decorative boxes made out of wood. There are three options that visitors can choose from. Only one of these involves a tour with a skilled and trained guide (the tour is in Hungarian, or in the English language), whilst the latter two has the option of tasting the wine itself. The packages cost anywhere from between 2 and 11 euros.



DiBonis – Subotica


Photo by: Vinske ture


Bóni László, the owner and manufacturer of the DiBonis vineyard, has been in the wine cultivating business ever since the year 2004. Beside the rich collection of delicious wine, they can be proud of their award winning fruit infused extracts as well. The wines that are included are DiShiraz, DiCabernet, DiFrank,DiMerlot,DiVranac, DiRose,DiSauvignon,DiVine and many more (the cost of the bottles depend on the type, but if goes from 5 up to 25 euros). The fruit infused extractions are worth a mention as well: They offer strawberry, mulberry, quince, and elderberry, peach, and cherry pálinka (pálinka is a famous alcoholic beverage) among many available flavours. There are different liqueurs that can be tried out, for example Almados, which is an apple based liqueur, Bonicum, which is a bit bitter and walnut liqueur.

Visits and pálinka tasting are arranged daily, whether for a single individual or a group- on weekdays it can be done between 10 AM until 8 PM. The reservations can be made on the weekdays as well, from between 8 AM and 1 PM.



Brindza winery – Bačka Topola


Photo by: Vinarija Brindza


The vineyard that is located next to the city of Bačka Topola has been working full force ever since the year 2011. The vineyard is owned by the Bridza family, who is also the proud founder and owner of the Capriolo brand (which includes bicycles, a restaurant, fishing supplies and hunting supplies). As a hobby, the family has taken up the art of viticulture. Nowadays, the business has become quite serious, which is underlined by the fact that the collections of wine sorts that are available are quite impressive. For example, some are the Rajna Risling, Traminit, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, White and Red Cuveé, and Rosé. There must be a minimum of five people if visiting as a group. Previous arrangements and reservations are required to be made. The visitors may choose from a wide variety or packets, which cost anywhere from 2,5 up to 14 euros (depends on the type of packet). The guests are provided a room to stay, if they are in need of lodging. Right next to the vineyard, the Capriolo restaurant is located, which offers an extensive menu of both local and international cuisine for everyone’s taste buds.



Vinum Lódi– Feketić


Photo by: Goran Andjelić


The Lódi family (who come from Feketić), have been in the viticulture business ever since the 90s. Among the rich collection of wines that are available, the most notable ones are the Italian Risling, Kékfrankos,Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. They are not only famous for their excellent tasting high quality wine, but also for their amazing home made pálinka. They offer peach, quince, pear, plum and of course cherry pálinka. After making arrangements and reservations, the maximum people that may visit as a group can be no more than 40. The visitors may choose from any of the 5 pre-planned programs, which cost anywhere from 6 euros to 20 euros. The bottled wine that can be purchased as a gift has a unique stamp that can be a very special and one of a kind gift anyone would be happy to receive.



The Vindulo Winery – Temerin


Photo by: Vinarija Vindulo


The Vindulo Winery is located near the northern exit of Temerin and is owned by the Dujmović family. Their most famous wine is the thick, dry red wine called Three Star. Its thick texture and full taste comes from mixing three world-famous kinds: the cabernet sauvignon, the cabernet franc and the merlot cuvée.