Vojvodina region is one of the most favorable regions in Serbia for organizing business events in the country, as well as in the Balkans. The city of Novi Sad and Subotica with lake Palić are particularly important as congress tourism centers. MICE tourism (meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions) has become more prominent nowadays. MICE is an excellent form of tourism, as Vojvodina has recognized and has put itself on the map of destinations with well-organized congress tourism.

In Vojvodina, MICE tourism has mainly been developed in the city regions, where this kind of events are held in hotels designed specifically for business events, congress centers, but also on some unusual locations such as traditional farmsteads (salaši), hunting clubs, and spas, which are ideal for incentive travel programs. Vojvodina is a great congress destination because it can include various additional activities to the offer, in which business tourists can engage during their time off, such as city tours, visits to farmsteads and spa centers, festivals, etc.




Novi Sad represents the center of congress tourism in Vojvodina, with several hotels and a congress center that are fully equipped for business events. Congress center ˮMaster“ in Novi Sad holds the position of the best location for business events, with its arrangements and its technical and technological equipment. ˮMaster“ center is located within Novi Sad Fair and has several congress halls, exhibition halls, all-purpose halls, and a restaurant at disposal. The halls are of different sizes and can take in from 100 to 8000 people, depending on the occassion. If you decide to organize a business event here, you will have the organizational, technical, and cattering support by the center’s staff. In Novi Sad and its vicinity, among other popular congress venues are hotel ˮAurora“ and Vrdnik spa, which is an excellent venue for incentive travel plans.

Another very popular and attractive MICE destination is Subotica with lake Palić. Subotica is an excellent location for business events because of its city attractions, and its closeness to lake Palić. In Subotica there is the congress center ’’Galleria’’ and it is one of a kind in this part of Vojvodina. The hotel has seven congress halls at disposal, each bearing a name of European capitals and metropoles, so you can host a business event in Rome, Moscow, Budapest, etc. There is also an assembly hall, also known as ’’the ballroom“. During your free time you will be able to relax in the hotel’s spa center, with a salt sauna, a hot tub, an ice well, a finnish sauna and a thermal sauna.

Photo by: Hotel Galleria

Unusual business venues located in the vicinity of Subotica and on lake Palić, that being the ones outside the city regions, are the farmsteads, ’’Bunford’’ horse ranch, and the Palić zoo all of which can also offer congress venues.,

If you have decided to organize your business event in any other congress destination in Vojvodina, apart from the above mentioned business event leaders, other excellent venues are: Junaković spa in the vicinity of Apatin, hotel ’’Srbija’’ in Vršac, and tourist town ’’Relax’’ in Kovačica.