The church, which has become a national place for pilgrimage.

Dormitory Európa

Student dorm “Europe” in Novi Sad is more than a place of residence: this place is a spiritual community, a place that brings together the intellectual youth of Hungarians from Vojvodina.

Exit Festival

The Exit Festival organised in Petrovaradin Fortress has already been awarded as the best European summer music festival on several occasions.

Fruška gora marathon

The Fruška gora Marathon is a sport and leisure event where, in addition to the contestants, recreational sports enthusiasts and children with their parents are also welcome.

Lake Palić

Thanks to the environment offered by the lake and art nouveau architecture, Palić is one of the most popular resorts in Vojvodina.

National Park Fruška Gora

It is the habitat of many endangered, rare and protected species of plants and animals, a historic winemaking area and the shelter of 18 monasteries (from 15th-18th centuries).

Petrovaradin fortress

The fortress, which is a symbol of the city, was built in the 13th century and represents a rare architectural heritage in Vojvodina.

Special Nature Reserve Zasavica

Boat-trips in untouched nature, sport fishing, hundreds of bird species. These are only a few things that make this reservation special.