Dunđerski Palace

The beautiful Fantast Palace was built by Bogdan Dunđerski landowner at the beginning of the twentieth century in the heart of Bačka.

The castle complex involves, beside the main building, a smaller castle, a chapel serving as the resting place of the owner, a riding-arena and a park, and it is awaiting visitors on about 65 hectares. Fantast is located 14 km away from Bečej, on the road to Bačka Topola (60 km from Novi Sad, 70 km from Subotica, 80 from Sombor, 65 from Zrenjanin and 135 km from the capital). The building that serves as a hotel since the 1980s is a delightful combination of art and hospitality. The castle offers local specialties as well, such as the Fantast pancake or poppy strudel, and the pearls of the drink list, the wines Krokan and Tiska Perla.