National Park Fruška Gora

It is the habitat of many endangered, rare and protected species of plants and animals, a historic winemaking area and the shelter of 18 monasteries (from 15th-18th centuries).

National Park Fruška Gora is the protected natural area of Fruška Gora, which extends over 80 km in the southern part of Vojvodina, in Srem. The isolated island mountain lying on the Pannonian Plain had mostly been shaped by the Danube. The name of the protected area originates from the Serbian name of the mountain, the 25,525 hectares area of which had been declared as a national park in the 1960s. Due to its unique location and special microclimate, researchers and nature lovers pay special attention to it. It represents a permanent place for exploration, discovery and observation. It is also called the mirror of our geological past thanks to its uniquely rich sites of fossil remains. On the slopes there are pastures, vineyards, fields and orchards, while areas above 300 meters height are covered with deciduous forests. Numerous hiking trails lead across dense forests, where tourists may take a rest at beautiful look-outs, on clearings, in one of the 18 Orthodox monasteries hidden in the area or in the shade of wine cellars.