Strudel Festival

For all hedonists and lovers of a good bite, “Štrudlijada” is an excellent event to visit, as well as to participate in the best strudel competition itself.

"Women association" Đura Jakšić "from Srpska Crnja organizes" Štrudliadu ". The event is traditional and with competitive character and is held in September. The interesting thing about the occurrence of the manifestation is that once the inhabitants of the settlement of Srpska Crnja were the Germans who emigrated to Germany after the Second World War, and the strudel was their traditional treat, and so far it has remained to nurture as a cultural identity of this area. Other associations from Nova Crnja municipality, as well as from the surrounding countries, as well as from abroad, Romania (Žombolj) and the Republic of Srpska, come to "Štrudliada" in Srpska Crnja. Large financial support "Association of Women" Đura Jakšić "from Srpska Crnja has from province department for agriculture, water management and forestry. Also, assistance and support is provided by this association from the municipality of Nova Crnja and the local community Srpska Crnja, which have recognized the potential and price of the work and engagement of the members. At the end of each "Štrudlijada", all participants are rewarded with appreciation notes as well as awards for the best and most demanding strudel.