National Theatre in Subotica

The Hungarian actress Lujza Blaha began her career on this stage. The theatre was regularly visited by Dezső Kosztolányi, Géza Csáth and Béla Bartók.

The entrance of the National Theatre built in 1854 is marked by a Corinthian colonnade on the main square of Subotica. It is the eighth oldest theatre in the Carpathian Basin; one of the first to be built for a Hungarian troupe. It was transformed several times over, first in 1904, then, after its grand hall had burnt down in 1915, it was rebuilt as a cinema in 1926. The region's first permanent and professional Hungarian-language theatre company was founded here in 1945. Thereafter a Serbian troupe was also established, and later this reputable building became the most important venue for Croatian theatrical art in Bačka. Currently, its independent Hungarian and Serbian-speaking companies are prominent representatives of the region's theatrical life.