Freedom square in Novi Sad

The Freedom Square in Novi Sad is located in the very centre, in the pedestrian zone of the city where the most important city facilities are located.

Freedom Square is the main square in Novi Sad. It is located in the city centre. It was founded in the 18th century when the city began to receive its present outlines. Through history, it has changed its name, so that during the Austro-Hungarian period it was called Franz Josef Square, after the First World War the Liberation Square, and after the Second World War it was given the present name. Once there was a market in the square, which was then moved to establish the central promenade zone of the city where important buildings of Novi Sad are located today: the Name of Mary Church (known as cathedral), the Town Hall, Hotel Vojvodina, the seat of Vojvođanska banka (former Grand Hotel), Tanurdžić Palace and others. The square is part of the pedestrian zone, and it continues with Zmaj Jovina Street. The square is dominated by the monument of Svetozar Miletić. The monument is the work of Ivan Meštrović and it is dedicated to Svetozar Miletić, who was the most important leader of the Serbs in the Habsburg monarchy, a representative, lawyer and mayor of Novi Sad. Inhabitants of Novi Sad often call the Freedom Square as Miletić Square. The monument represents an immovable cultural property - a cultural monument of great importance. Various concerts, events and festivals are often organised in the square.