Srem is located between the Danube and Sava rivers, by the E75 and E70 motorways. It shares a border with two countries: Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Fruška Gora mountain is a true gem of the region and is also home to Vojvodina’s only national park. Srem is rich in beautiful natural features. Numerous lakes, streams and nature reserves await every visitor. Fruška Gora has countless tourist attractions and by following the local hiking routes, you can stumble upon many monuments and picnic spots.
Visitors can also discover local historical features, such as Fruška Gora’s well-known Orthodox monasteries, the ruins of Sirmium remaining since the Roman age, and the beautiful buildings of Karlowitz.
The Srem region also has one of Vojvodina’s most beautiful and most famous wine-growing areas. Wine-production in the region has a history that reaches back for centuries. Currently there are over sixty wine cellars you can choose from, which includes some of the country’s most well-known wines. Visitors in Srem can enjoy the meeting of good wine, nature, and history.

We recommend

A Fruška gora legszebb ortodox kolostorai

Fedezze fel a Tarcal - hegység legszebb ortodox kolostorait.

Szávaszentdemeter csodálatos múltja

Aki izgalmas ókori kalandokra vágyik, annak érdemes a kétezredes múltra visszatekintő Szávaszentdemeter (Sremska Mitrovica) város maradványait felkutatni, az egykori Sirmium területét megvizsgálni.