The area still bares signs of different periods dating all the way back to the ancient times. Different types of coins of historical value were found on the location itself, such as coins dating back to the period of the rule of King Saint Stephen, or even from times of the infamous Turkish conquest. In addition, people have found various trinkets and artefacts in the river that could be said to be from the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


Photo by: Alaturka

According to scientists and notes, Sirmium was always of great value to the Roman Empire, from a strategic aspect. This was most evident in the age of tetrarchy, when Sirmium was considered to be one of the four most important cities of the empire. This area was the home of the emperor’s palace, amphitheatre, treasure vault, theatre, various churches, baths, and spectacular villas. Nevertheless,

Sremska Mitrovica looks entirely different than it did back in the ancient days. Its new appearance can be said to be because of the different nations who came across it, which evidently left significant changes.


Photo by. Wonderful Serbia

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