Planning to get away from the stressful ways of everyday life, while taking your children with yourself? Where should you go to relax, but more importantly, where could your little one have fun as well? No worries, we have got you covered. We have made a list of the top places in Vojvodina that we suggest you visit with your family. Of course, the list is not final, because it is impossible to mention every single place that is a good option for a family trip. Nevertheless, the following five spots are guaranteed to leave a smile on both your face and the face of your child.



The zoo in Palić


Photo by: Park Palic


To start off the list, we must begin with an old child favourite – the zoo. This particular zoo is located in Palić, and it is 10 hectares large. It is the home of more than 60 species of fauna and flora. The guests can enjoy their time by walking around in the stunning garden, which will surely make them feel more relaxed and help them unwind. The guests are able to observe an elephant, camels, zebras, ostrich, kangaroos, antelopes, oxen, and so on. For the youngest family member, there is also a petting zoo. Within the area of the zoo, there is an ice-cream shop, restaurant, café, and various other shops that cater to the needs of every guest. On the weekends, the guests are able to take part in the feeding process of some of the wild animals. However, of this part of the program, the guests can go to the front reception where a member of the staff will provide more details.

The working hours of the zoo are from 9 AM up until 7 PM in the summer time, whilst in the winter it is from 9 AM until 4 PM. The admission prices of the daily tickets for adults cost 2 euros (250 rsd), whilst if travelling together, the price for a family (two parents+their children) cost about 6 euros (200 rsd each). The entrance for children under 7 years is free of charge.

After a long day in the zoo, we suggest going for a long walk along the Lake of Palič, which offers a beautiful view of the whole area. Also, the guests can go sightseeing, since there are different areas to explore, such as the Owl House, the Big Terrace, the musical pavilion and many more artistic buildings and sights.

If you still have any time left, and if you want to see even more, we suggest you take a trip to Subotica (it is located 9 kilometres away from Palič). Subotica offers various beautiful sights and constructs, such as the Children’s Theatre, which will definitely spark an interest.



Dino Park in Novi Sad


Photo by: Tanjug/Jaroslav Pap


The Dino Park that is located in the beautiful city of Novi Sad is something that no family should miss, because there is nothing like it in the area! It was built not long ago, and it started working in the spring of 2016, welcoming guests of all ages, from all around.

Within the park itself, there are robotic dinosaur sculptures that are scattered all around. Also, there is a 12D cinema, a playhouse, an adventure park, a shooting area, a restaurant, and mini zoo that is perfect for all the young to be archaeologists. A trained guide can be of assistance if asked for. The Dino Park is open every day from 10 AM up until 5 PM, but sometimes it is open until 8 PM (this depends on the season, whether it is summer or autumn). The daily tickets for children are 1,7 euros (200 rsd), whilst it is 2,5 euros (300 rsd) for adults. Children under the age of 3 can enter free of charge. There is also a parking area that is free for the purpose of the guests. Sadly, the park is closed for the winter period.

Not too far away from the Dino Park itself, the centre of Novi Sad is located. In addition, the beautiful beach of the Danube River is near as well, and so is the Petrovaradin Fortress. Hence, we suggest you do not go straight home after the visit to the park, because there are a lot of various interesting things to see and explore in the city.



The Kátai farm in Mali Iđoš


Photo by: Serbiatour


For those individuals who love to spend all of their time in nature, the Kátai farm  in Mali Iđoš is the perfect choice. The ranch is located on the western side of the city of Mali Iđoš, and it has been open ever since the year 1995. It is a perfect place for those people who want to escape and enjoy the peaceful, calming atmosphere that is so missed in the hectic modern life.

There are various things to explore near the ranch, such as a pastry museum, the country house next to the lake, and the house of crafts. The youngest guests can have fun on the playground and pet farm animals. The area is also suitable for fishing, hiking, and so on. Visitors need to make a reservation beforehand.

We also suggest taking a walk on the streets of the beautiful Mali Iđoš, where one may come across different notable places such as the riding hall of Zobnatica. The city of Bačka Topola is close as well, and it is a place that has a lot of interesting sights too. For example, you can go see the Castle of Kray, and the Sarlós Roman Catholic Church, which is the tallest construct of its type in the country.



Mountain range of Fruška gora


Photo by: Aleksandar Milutinović


The mountain range of Tarcal, or more famously known as Fruška gora, is a true treasure of Vojvodina. It is famous for its beautiful landscape and evergreen forest. Within the forest itself, the visitors may embark on a true adventure, and they may come across different buildings and peaceful sights. One of the most famous and well constructed resting points is definitely the Freedom Memorial that is located close to Iriški Venac. Heading east, the visitors will arrive to the TV tower that bares the effects of the bombing from 1999. Further up east, not too far away from the city of Sremski Karlovci, the visitors will arrive to the outleap of Stražilovo. Stražilovo is the perfect place for individuals or families who want to settle down and have a barbeque or a simple picnic. As the visitors arrive to the village of Ledinci, not too far away, on the northern side of the mountain, they will get to the beaches of the Silver Lake. This lake is the favourite place of the locals who swear by its calming and serene atmosphere. Travelling on the southern side of the mountain, the visitors will arrive to the Beli Kamen Lake, which is not too far away from Bešenovački Prnjavor. The most interesting thing about this latter lake is the fact that the water is of a turquoise colour.

Other constructions that could be seen on the mountain are monasteries and churches, such as the famous monasteries of Beočin, Grgeteg, Velika Remeta, Novo Hopovo, Staro Hopovo. Letenka and Andrevlje are resting areas that are also worth visiting.



Special Nature Reserve “Carska Bara”


Photo by: Wikimedia: Miljana Djukic


Carska Bara is a nature reserve that is located only 10 kilometres away from Zrenjanin. It is the largest individual bog in Serbia, and it is the dwelling place of numerous plant species, as well as plenty of birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. It is a significant nature reserve that is home to a lot of endangered animals, and it is said that there are more than 250 types of birds that can be found. The visitors may travel all around the area by boat, finally arriving to the watchtower. The tower provides a stunning view of the whole lake. If the visitors want to, they can rent a motorboat, but if it is not needed, they can walk as well.

For the vacationer who still yearns for something a little bit extra, we suggest visiting the Harnoncourt castle, which was the place where the renowned  Ferenc Liszt showed off his masterful pianist skills. Furthermore, we highly recommend heading further towards Zrenjanin, where various other interesting adventures await.