“No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle.”

Winston Churchill

Whether a skilled equestrian, someone who is interested in the ways of this particular sport, or just an individual who wants to enjoy their free time with friends and family in a relaxing atmosphere, we highly suggest the riding halls that can be found in Vojvodina. Each of these places offers great entertainment and they will surely leave a smile on anybody’s face.



1. Riding hall in Zobnatica



Photo by: Otos Andras


Zobnatica is a village that is located 5 kilometres away from the city of Bačka Topola. It is a place that can be proud of its history in horse riding, and it all started back in the year 1779. Numerous champions have emerged, such as the world famous Casanova, Jadrana II, and Prospektor among many. The visitors can take part in different exciting activities such as joyriding, riding a horse (various equestrian events), or touring the grounds with a skilled and well-trained guide. Also, cross-country riding is available to the visitors who are interested. We highly recommend paying a visit to the local Equestrian Museum, where the whole history of the mentioned sport is very well presented. Different valuable trophies, historical pictures, and various artefacts can be seen there on display. Also, it is the place where the famous Törley Castle is located, which nowadays works as a restaurant and hotel. In addition, it is suggested that the guests visit the Lake of Zobnatica, which offers a breath taking view and well kept beach. We highly advise spending some free time in the spectacular and relaxing area.



2. Riding hall in Karađorđevo


Photo by: Turistička organizacija opštine Bačka Palanka


One of the most famous riding halls that are mentioned in this article must be the riding hall in Karađorđevo. This is a definite fact because the place was the former home of the infamous Josip Broz Tito, the former head of state. Back in the days, Tito enjoyed spending some of his free time hunting on the hunting grounds of Karađorđevo, which became a part of the conservation. In 1972, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd took a visit to the riding hall, when she was travelling all around in Yugoslavia. The mentioned riding hall was created in the year 1880. In the very beginning, they only bred Vernier’s, while later Lipizzaner’s and English thoroughbreds were added. The visitors who decide to pay a visit have the opportunity to ride in carriages and also ride the horses themselves. In the local museum, the visitors are able to see various chalices, photographs, and valuable artefacts from the period when Tito was still among the living. The visitor’s book that can be found in the riding hall is the oldest document of those sorts that preserves handwritings which date back to the year 1924



3. The Castle and riding hall Fantast


Photo by: Dvorac Fantast


The Castle Fantast is located 15 kilometres away from the city of Bečej, and it is situated on the stunning plain of the Bačka region. It is known by many names: Some call it the Bogdan lodging, but for many it is the Dunđerski Castle. Most importantly, according to its lawful name, it is called Fantast. Not a lot of people are aware of the origins of the name. Actually, Fantast was the name of the most famous horse which won every single race in Belgrade, in the year of 1932. As the story goes, Bogdan Dunđerski was the person who founded the riding hall, since he always had a deep passion for riding and a love for horses. Before the Second World War, the stud farm counted about 1400 horses, but this number drastically dropped to only 50. The whole area includes 6 barns and a gallop field, which is where they train the racing horses. The visitors who decide to drop by can freely try out horse riding, or in the winter take a tour of the fields.



4. The riding hall in Kelebija


Photo by: MasteR


Kelebija is a village that is located on the east of Vojvodina, and it is only 500 metres away from the Serbian-Hungarian border. The riding hall that is found here can be said to be quite new, since its history dates back only 25 years. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that it is still one of the best and most beautiful riding halls in the area. The most interesting and compelling restaurant, Patkó (Horseshoe), can be found here. What makes it unique and different than the rest of the restaurants is the fact that the visitors may sit at a table that resembles a large horseshoe. The guest may enjoy the view of the beautiful and mighty Lipizzaner’s that can be seen through a glass window. Various activities and programs are available to the guests who feel like doing something extra. Various trips and team building groups are organized. In addition, schools of nature, horse riding tours and camps are available to the visitors. The guests may ride in a wagon if they wish to do so. Nevertheless, the youngest family members have not been forgotten either. There is a playground that is available to the children where they can play and have as much fun as they want. Not too far away, 350 metres from the riding hall to be exact, the Villa Majur is located. It is a 4 star hotel that offers a truly artistic atmosphere, restaurant, and wellness services which provide an all day relaxing time for the guests.



5. The Riding hall and farm Bunford


Photo by: http://www.bunford.com/


The riding hall and farm Bunford was created in the year of 2005. It is located on the outskirts of the city of Subotica. Most importantly, Lipizzaner’s and Vernier’s are bred here. It is a perfect place if the individual loves a more country styled atmosphere, and here the children may learn more about the farm animals as they spend time with them. The fact that they may ride pony horses and take a trip in the cart will definitely put a large smile on their young faces.

Whether the guest enjoys a sip of the famous pálinka (an alcoholic beverage that is loved in the area), or maybe a glass of tasty wine, they can choose from a variety of delicious meals. The guest may prepare the food themselves, and what makes it so delicious is the fact that it is made in a cob furnace.



6. The experience park and riding hall Furioso


Photo by: Furioso


The Furioso riding hall is a place that is located not too far away from the Ludasi Lake’s conservation. It has started working from the year 2009, attracting guests from all around the country. Riding classes and tips are provided for children and absolute beginners, whilst the more experienced equestrians are able to go out in the fields. If one wishes to do so, it is able to go joyriding as well. In the year of 2017, the riding hall added an experience park to the establishment. Here, guests of all ages, whether young or old may have the time of their lives. It is possible to have various celebrations and events on the area, due to the riding hall’s capacity of 80 people, and the fact that there is a closed area which is more than enough for 100 individuals. Those who are interested in visiting can choose from a variety of packages, so it is safe to say that everyone is left satisfied.