Since there are numerous interesting and breathtaking legends that surround Vojvodina, it was quite hard to mention just a few. Here are some of the best ones..


  • The Island of Witches


Photo by: Wikimedia: Epistola8


Starting off with a northern mystical legend, the first thing worth mentioning is the Ludasi lake, that has three distinct islands. One of the largest islands is the so called island of Sándor Rózsa, or as some call it by its more frightening name, the Island of Witches.  According to the famous legend, the one infamous outlaw, Sándor Rózsa, went to this island to escape and hide from the gendarme. The story also mentions a tunnel, that can be found on the island, and that connects it with the beaches of the lake itself.


  • The Miraculous Well


Photo by: Zoran Vukmanov


Going further down the map, we come to Kanjiža, where the famous Járás is located 6 kilometres away. This place is well known for its magical well that was constructed in 1900. In the very beginning, it is said that there were only two artesian wells that were used to provide drinkable water for the cattle. As the demand for water increased, the shepherds went to the city government with the request to bore two more wells.  It is believed that the water from this final well could heal wounds, as in the instance when it helped a young Gipsy girl with her ill joints. The yellow coloured water was considered magical and having healing properties. If this is not enough to convince the common folk of its magical abilities, the water of this well had yellowish color and inflammable gas came out from the pipe, which was quite shocking at the time.


  • The Holy Well in Doroslovo


Photo by: Gellér Ágnes


If you thought that this is where the story about miraculous fountains ended, you were wrong. An even more famous magical well can be found in Doroslovo. This fountain is located in the exact place that is mentioned at the time of the reign of Árpád. In the gloomy and terrible times when the Turks were in control, the fountain was used for a place of sacred pilgrimage by the runaway Hungarians. Numerous miraculous stories have been gathered concerning it. One of the most famous story that has been recorded is the story of a blind man, János Zablóczki, in the 18th century, who according to the legend, regained his power of sight when he washed himself in the water. More and more pilgrims come to visit ever since this story started to spread.


  • Big Tree (Nagyfa)



In the northern part of Banat there is a city named Ada, which is famous for its rich history, but even more famous for its huge tree. The Nagyfa (roughly translated as „Big Tree”), is a tree that was located in Ada up until 1972, when it „died” at the mature age of 780. According to the famous legend, the tree was the place of a sacred mass that was held by pastor János Kapisztán (the right hand of János Hunyadi) during the attack on Belgrade (know as Nándorfehérvár at that time), in the summer of 1456. The huge Poplar tree was 31 meters tall in height, and 3,96 meters in width.


  • The Secret Tunnel


Photo by: Aleksandar Milutinović


When mentioning tunnels and secret passages, we must not forget the capital of Vojvodina, Novi Sad. Architects from all around are trying to figure out whether this tunnel actually existed. It is said that the tunnel runs under the river Danube, and it connects two churches- the orthodox church on Petrovaradin and a catholic church on Novi Sad.  There is also a story concerning the creation of the tunnel. The constructioneers stopped the flow of the river, built the tunnel, and after it was done, they let the water flow again.


  • Arača


Photo by: Kovács Szilárd


In Banat, close to Novi Bečej, there are ruins that belonged to a medieval Romanesque church. Numerous books were written about the frightening story of the famous 13th Arača. Various golden trinkets, bells and various mysterious artifacts are mentioned and how the a terrible curse is cast on the individual who finds these items. The most famous and interesting story that revolves around this particular myth is the myth of the goat made from stone. As the story goes, it is said that there existed a goat made from stone, that the workers on the field used it for their work. One day, a man jumped out of a black car, approached the goat and took of its tail. The man took off with the jewels and treasures that poured out from the goat. Oh, how I wish my grandfather knew about this…