If someone is interested in unwinding in a more active way, then here are a few tips to make sure that everything goes according to plan. We shall suggest some of the best places to go on a bicycle tour in Vojvodina.

The EuroVelo, known also as the European Bicycle route-organization consists of 15 long distance bicycle tour lines. Out of these 15, EuroVelo, 6, 11 and 13 go across Vojvodina. Out of all of these, the one that is worth a special mention is the EuroVelo 6 (or it is also called “The Rivers” line), which goes through 10 countries, and it connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea. The Serbian section starts at Bački Breg at the border between Serbia and Hungary. It continues 665 km on the route towards the country of Bulgaria.



Bački Breg-SomborApatin (60km)


Suggested route: Bački Breg, Kolut, Bezdan, Bački Monoštor, Sombor, Kupusina, Apatin.

After crossing the border we arrive to Sombor, a place where numerous interesting cultural and natural treasures await us. After the tripoint, we may come across the breath-taking national nature conservation. We highly suggest, if you have the opportunity, to spend some free time here exploring the area.


Photo by: Kovács Szilárd


Furthermore, we must mention the city of Sombor which is a place that showcases beautiful buildings that bare signs of Art Nouveau, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, and Secession. In addition, this is where numerous other famous constructions are located, such as the old Country House, the Szent István Church (Saint István), The Szentháromság Chuch (Saint Trinity), the current city house, and the infamous Kronich Castle.

In the municipality of Apatin, visitors may come across different exquisite restaurants where they may try out different specialties made from fish. Also, if one wishes, lodging can be available as well. Other than that, we would like to highlight two inns, the Zlatna Kruna (Golden Crown), and the Harčaš. In the spring and summer time, it is possible to sail across the Danube River from Apatin with the means of a catamaran.



Apatin–Bácspalánka (124 km)


Suggested route: Apatin, Svilojevo, Sonta, Bogojevo, Vajska, Bođani, Bač, Bačko Novo Selo, Mladenovo, Karađorđevo, Bačka Palanka.

The very beginning of the line starts off with a view of spectacular sights, which we can fully enjoy when going by bike. As we arrive to Bogojevo, it is suggested to go and visit the beach, as well as the infamous Becker inn and bakery. We must also highlight the importance of visiting the Art Caffe inn, which will definitely become one of the visitor’s new favourite destinations and places to relax! Because of the fact that this route is a bit longer than the rest, it is suggested that the trip is divided into two. After a long and tiresome day, the individual may freely spend their night in the village Bođani , where the Ranč jerry will definitely take care of things. The 15th century Serbian Orthodox monastery is quite an interesting building, and it is considered to be one of the village’s most precious constructions.


Photo by: WWF: Boris Erg


The next day, after a nights rest, we will arrive to the famous 14th century castle. If one wishes, with the help of a skilled tour guide, it is possible to go up to the old tower (donjon), and see the spectacular view of the whole area.

If we are visiting, we must not miss the famous Franciscan monastery and church, the old city gate that goes by the name of Šiljak, and what is left of the ruins of a Turkish bath (hamam). In between Bačko Novo Selo and Mladenovo we will come across the beautiful nature conservation that is known as Karađođevo. After this, it is obligatory to have a stay at the local riding hall, where the guests have the possibility to ride horses and see the display at the local Equestrian Museum.

After arriving to Bačka Palanka, and if someone is hungry, we recommend looking up the Florida jerry, which lies on the beaches of the Danube River. Here, the visitors may spend the night in a calming atmosphere, in cozy bungalows.



Bačka Palanka-Novi Sad (48 km)


Suggested route: Bačka Palanka, Čelarevo, Gložan, Begeč, Futog, Veternik, Novi Sad

After leaving Bačka Palanka, we will travel next to the shores of the Danube River. Once again, we may have a glimpse of the beautiful sights as we travel. The truly magnificent nature conservation of Begeč (Begečka jama) is truly stunning. It is spread across 8 kilometres from Europe’s most impressive river. We may witness rich flora and an extensive wildlife. After leaving Begeč, it is suggested that we dine at the Dunavac fishing jerry, where an extensive and delicious menu awaits us.


Photo by: Aleksandar Milutinović


After a tiresome journey, only a few kilometres away, we will arrive to the heart of Vojvodina. The beautiful and one of a kind Novi Sad, which is also the home of the EXIT festival, will become our next stop. I think that it is not necessary to list all the sights and things that one should go and see here, because the list would be too long. Nevertheless, we must go to the city centre, which is also called the “old town”. Here, we will see the magnificent Szűz Mária Church (Virgin Mary), the city house, the Serbian National Theatre, and many more stunning buildings. After crossing the Zmaj Jovina street (which is, by the way, always thriving with life), we arrive to the Bishop castle, and later on the Danube park. The Danube River itself and its shores are not too far away. There is a bridge that is available (called Duga-Rainbow), which makes it possible to cross to the famous Petrovaradin fortress.

Let’s get going! Let’s hop on our bikes and see what’s out there!


Photo by: Slađana Vurunić