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In the year  1907, before anyone even mentioned the word “spa” in Kanjiža, only two wells existed that were used to provide drinkable water for the animals. As time went by, the stock increased in size, and eventually the water supplies were running very low. After a while, the shepherds asked for the construction of another, third well, one that would make things simpler. In the following year, 1908, the third well was made. The well’s water was of a yellow colour and the gas that came out of the pipe was flammable. Because of this, the people named it “the well of wonders”. This year, the spa will be celebrating its 110th birthday. The spa offers a wide arrange of programs for its guests, such as one-on-one or group medical therapy, algae skincare, chocolate-mint skincare, relaxing massages, etc. In addition, the spa also offers therapy for the prevention of osteoporosis, mud baths, electric, thermal and magnetic therapies, and so on. For those individuals who are looking for somewhere to eat after a relaxing stay at the spa, the place also has a great restaurant. There is a wide choice of traditional recipes on the menu, and there is something even for the picky eaters. This place is a perfect choice for a weekend with the family.


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The Spa in Pačir is a new facility that has been working for exactly four years. The water supplies for this spa differ from the other ones in the area, since the water does not come from a conventional well, but from an artificial lake. This lake is 2000 square meters wide, and it is filled with geothermal water. The water that breaks out from the ground is explicitly hot, 72 degrees Celsius to be exact. When the scorching water reaches the lake, it cools down to 28-32 degrees Celsius, which leads to the separation of salt (NaCl), Lithium, Iodine, Bromide, Fluor and Sulphur (in a small amount). Due to all of this, the water becomes very beneficial for those guests who suffer from a variety of illnesses, such as skin, bone, and breathing problems or inflammation. The recommended bathing time is approximately 25-30 minutes per session. In addition to this, there are two other pools available as well, which are of 35-36 degrees Celsius in temperature. The pools that are available in the facility are suitable for children of all ages. There is a restaurant available as well, which will leave the hungry guests full and satisfied.


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Junaković Spa with the quality of its thermo-mineral springs, form 700 m depth, is in line with the waters of the famous spas in Karlovy Vary, Harkány and Lipik.

Banja Junaković is located in Apatin. Thermo-mineral springs come from a depth of 700 m, reaching a temperature of up to 50°C, so that the water of Junaković Spa must be cooled. According to the quality of this water, it is in line with the waters of the famous world spas, such as Karlovy Vary, Harkány and Lipik. Medical therapies under the supervision of professional staff include successful treatment of all types of rheumatism, orthopaedic and neurological diseases, as well as gynaecological diseases and marital sterility. The accommodation part has 270 beds, a large restaurant of national cuisine with 450 seats, which is ideal for all kinds of celebrations and passing lunches, 2 halls for organising seminars, with complete AV equipment. The complex of open swimming pools, with different water depths and temperatures, spring boards and slides, is the biggest attraction in the summer months, and guests can also use 4 tennis courts, a modern eight-lane bowling alley and the possibility of renting a bike and visiting nearby places of interest. There are also different types of massage, facial and body care, especially popular “plaster shorts”, body treatment with algae, Moroccan wellness based on argan oil, underwater massage, Finnish saunas and indoor (therapeutic) pool. Work on the construction of one of the most advanced spa & wellness centres in the region is under way, with superb pools, sauna centres, massage and treatment rooms, fitness and aerobics halls, anti-aging studio, children’s playrooms, all within the spa complex, offering its visitors unforgettable leisure and relaxation.


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The modern spa complex is located on the shore of a saltwater lake, Rusanda, surrounded by beautiful forests, near Zrenjanin.

The Rusanda Spa looks back on a 130-year-old tradition. It consists of five facilities and has 306 beds. Due to the medical effect of the mud (peloid) in the lake, it is a unique treatment centre in Serbia. In addition to mud-cure, they also apply bath therapies at 32°C. This medical spa is recommended in case of nerve, rheumatologic, muscle and joint injuries, vascular complaints, skin problems and childhood deformations. Furthermore, the institution offers wellness services and hiking opportunities as well.