Fans of nature in Vojvodina, who, by the beginning of the spring, long for the outdoors and activities in the fresh mountain air, we advise you to try the oldest international competition and recreational racing marathon in Europe. Through the wooded mountainous landscape we can discover many important buildings and monuments, enjoy the fresh air, the bird twittering, and in the pleasant silence that surrounds us in a mild embrace of nature.


Photo by: Ark Fruška Gora


This two-day event was first organized four decades ago, and since then it has been held every year. The first marathon was held on 27-28 of May 1978, and the longest track – Grand Marathon – was 86 km. Besides this one, the participants could also choose for shorter tracks such as the middle and small marathon. Every year before the race, the team of experts determines the routes of the marathon. In order for the tour to take place smoothly, competitors have maps, inscriptions and various signs at their disposal that make it easier for them to orient. An additional motivation for persevering participants are the seals obtained at the track control points.


Photo by: Explore Novi Sad


Every year, several thousand people take part in the marathon on Fruška gora, regardless of their age, first of all to escape the daily noise of the city or to replace the gym running track with a pleasurable exercise under the canopy of trees.