Katai Farm

One of the most popular vacation destinations in Vojvodina is definitely the well known farm, the Kátai Farm. It is located 1.5 kilometers away from the center of the village Mali Iđoš. It is a complex resort where guests of all ages may come and visit. It is equally suitable for younger and older guests likewise, and it is in function ever since 1995. There is also an amphitheater, which can be used for multiple purposes, like for example serving as a conference hall for 200 people. The resort provides a wide range of versatile enjoyable and educational activities in nature, as well as activities that may last from early morning until the evening. There is a restaurant which is perfect for these types of events, so the guests do not remain hungry and dissatisfied. The capacity of the Kátai Farm is eighty beds. The guests will be welcomed with hospitality and all meals are included.


Photo by: Kátai Tanya



Ruža Majur Farm

Ruža Majur Farm is located on the peaceful outskirts of Bački Vinogradi. The most specific thing about this resort that makes it different than the others is the fact that the guests that decide to visit will be welcomed in a peaceful, serene surrounding, where they can relax as much as they want. The calming atmosphere is perfect for conference meetings. The resort provides an indoor and outdoor venue where all kinds of events may take place. The outdoor venue is made of a lovely terrace with a view on the trees and the beautiful landscape. Another important thing that makes this resort special is the fact that the food that is served is grown locally, and it arrives like that on the guest’s plate. The quality of the food is one of the best in the area, and it takes the people back to the good old days. It is suitable for organizing all day events.


Photo by: Rózsa Major Tanya



Đorđević Farm

Driving along the E-75 highway and moving past Subotica, we will come across the peaceful and relaxing Đorđević Farm. This resort extends across about 8 hectares of land and in the spring it is recognizable for its decorative greenery. The resort is surrounded by flora, and it is truly a beautiful sight in the spring, perfect for combating the everyday hectic lifestyle. The place is suitable for different occasions, such as congress meetings, seminars, team building events, and so on. In addition, it caters to the needs of every guest, whether athletes or good cuisine lovers. After a long, hard day attending these events, the guests are able to rest in one of the rooms located on the resort. There are two available options when talking about venues. One of them is the inner venue named the Slavska kuća (The saint’s feast day house), which has the capacity of 50 people. The second venue is outdoors, which can fit100 people.


Photo by: Salaš Đorđević



Jelen Farm

Jelen Farm is located only 1 kilometer from the Palić Lake. It is quite a large resort, extending to 8000 square meters in size. The resort is surrounded by nature, and the lake itself is a great contribution to the peaceful atmosphere in which every guest will definitely feel more relaxed. Guest can try out a variety of traditional dishes, whilst having fun to Serbian folk music and dance. The resort is a perfect getaway for those individuals who love places that remind them of the good old times. There is a venue where conference meetings can be held for up to 70 people. It is important to mention that the area is well airconditioned, so various team building events can be organized even during the hot summer days.


Photo by: Jelen Salaš